• Client Service Agreement

    Grey Rock Process
    We are committed to facilitating healthy parenting communications while protecting you from harmful correspondence from your ex husband/wife. We provide timely messages with straightforward information, in neutral terms, as briefly as possible. We filter and draft correspondence with your & your children's best interest in mind.

    Grey Rock Communications will be reading and sometimes transmitting confidential personal information. Information about you, your family & children, or other persons as we act as a third party interventionist. We have the right to monitor, retrieve, and use your personal information in connection with your ex husband/wife & your children. The information exchanged between clients is kept completely confidential and will never be disclosed to any other parties without your express permission. Disclosure of certain information may, however, be required to satisfy certain State laws and court requirements if legal action is taken.

    We do not give legal advice nor do we provide legal services. You acknowledge your reliance on Grey Rock Communications at your own risk.

    You agree to defend, indemnify and hold us harmless from any claims, losses, expenses, costs or damages (including reasonable attorneys’ fees, expert fees; and other costs of litigation) arising from the communications threads.

    Membership & Cancellation
    A membership can be purchased through the site (www.greyrockcom.com). Your use of our service is subject to your membership payment for the term selected annual or monthly. By purchasing a membership you authorize Grey Rock Communications to charge you via your selected payment method immediately and recurring. You have the right to terminate membership at any time inside your login on the site.

    Fees & Payment
    The cost of services is $750 for an annual membership or $70 per month. If payment is not received service will be terminated at the end of the billing cycle. Grey Rock Communications has the right to terminate your membership at any time.

    You allow Grey Rock Communications to act as a third party communicator/intervenor with your ex husband/wife. Grey Rock Communications has your permission to respond on your behalf. Grey Rock Communications will filter all messages and communicate necessary information to the client in a timely manner.

    To contact us with any questions or inquiries about these Terms & Conditions, please contact us (208) 614-4247.

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