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    We communicate with your ex so you don't have to.

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    At Grey Rock Communications, we aim to diminish your ex's narcissistic supply through neutral, unemotional communication. By removing emotional energy from messages, we deter harassment and abuse, potentially slowing or stopping abusive cycles. With a Grey Rock Membership, we offer you a fresh beginning, providing relief and enduring peace.

  • End Toxicity

    We shield you from abusive communications with your ex partner. This might incluce personal attacks, accusations, manipulation, gaslighting, and threats. No more reading messages that trigger stress, anxiety or fear. We act as your barrier, ensuring clean and safe communication.

    Establish Limits

    Leave the correspondence to us. From message alerts to pressing send, we manage all co-parent communication. Grey Rock reads, filters, and crafts responses in collaboration with you. Need to send a message? We'll edit it too, providing real-time solutions to complex narcissistic tactics.

    Live Fully

    With our strategic consultations and Grey Rock tools, we defuse conflicts, temper manipulation, and promote consistency. We take out the guess work of dealing with a narcissist. Take back control of your life, gain greater mental and emotional stability, and create peace.

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    We Understand Narcissists.

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    Management of co-parent communication with strategic consultations & unlimited messaging.

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    Go Annual & Save! Management of co-parent communication. The same impactful benefits.

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    Learn our Grey Rock strategies and unlock the secrets to effective communication with your narcissist.

  • How Does This Work?

    Healing & Peace is Possible.

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    During a private onboarding session with our Grey Rock Consultants, we assess co-parent dynamics, hot topics, communication patterns, and legalities. We offer coaching, strategy consultation, and review court orders for mastery.

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    We establish indirect contact through Our Family Wizard®, Talking Parents®, or private emails, managing coparent communication. Grey Rock filters messages, sharing only child-focused information. We tailor responses using the Grey Rock Method, prioritizing family well-being and legal considerations.

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    As we manage your co-parent communications we become your advocates, aiding with decisions, action plans, and boundaries. Grey Rock Method brings relief from ex-communication stress, fostering freedom, peace, and joy.

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  • Create Your Final Boundary

    Join our select community of parents employing Grey Rock for third-party communication. Entrust us with the correspondence. We read, filter, and compose messages on your behalf, offering solutions to challenging message exchanges. We serve as a shield, delivering clear and secure messaging.

    End Toxic


    We protect you from personal assaults, accusations, manipulation, excuses, gaslighting, projections, and threats. No more messages from your ex that provoke stress, anxiety or fear. Reclaim your power with us and bid farewell to harmful communication.

    Enjoy Your Life

    Our focus is on empowering you with Grey Rock methods specifically designed to halt narcissistic abuse. We aim to mitigate conflict, eliminate unnecessary messaging, reduce manipulation, and promote consistency. Our goal is to enhance your mental and emotional stability, paving the way for your freedom.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers at Your Fingertips: Your FAQs, Our Solutions.

  • Grey Rock University

    Master co-parenting with Our 12-Coures, Live Class Series

    It’s time to embrace The Grey Rock Method—your solution to managing a narcissistic ex. Our strategies offer a new level of protection, practical solutions, and a clear roadmap for your co-parenting years. Learn to enforce crucial boundaries, manage communication effectively, and launch your mental health recovery. Join our live courses, led by Will Grey, where you'll learn Our Grey Rock Method and get your co-parenting questions answered. These live group online classes will equip you with essential skills to effectively manage your co-parenting relationship.


    The Grey Rock Method works! By accepting your challenging situation and implementing our strategies, you will move towards peace and freedom in your co-parenting relationship. Don’t wait—join Grey Rock U today and transform your co-parenting experience!



    Discover what others are saying about us! Hear directly from our satisfied customers.

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    I feel so much better since I've hired Grey Rock. Daily triggers are a thing of the past! I now have the time & space to heal & move beyond this toxic situation. Grey Rock offers great advice on how to continue forward limiting drama & challenges. I now have the support and know I am not alone in this.


    -Grey Rock Member

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    I tried it my way and it didn't work! I am so relieved to learn a new way. I see how less stressed I am and how much more energy I have for the positives in my life, like my kids, myself and my passions. I really am so blessed to have found Grey Rock. I feel empowered and have a balanced perspective.


    -Grey Rock Member

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    Thank you for holding me to the line on communication. I'm finding the urge to check communication is lessening. I'm realizing how much I have been addicted to the negativity and drama, as much as I hate it and try to move beyond it -- the drama triangle is real, and it requires me to be there to exist. Keep holding me to it!


    -Grey Rock Member

  • Will + Genna 

    Hello! We're Will and Genna, both divorced parents who are passionate about helping people navigate post-separation abuse. With over thirty years of combined experience dealing with narcissists and high-conflict people, we understand the challenges you face.


    From legal abuse to parental alienation, Will has a comprehensive understanding of the full spectrum of post-separation abuse, including counter-parenting, financial abuse, harassment and stalking, isolation, coercive control, abusive parenting, and parental alienation.

    With our guidance, you'll gain invaluable insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of co-parenting with a narcissist. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from seasoned experts who have walked the same path. Join us on this journey toward healing and empowerment!

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