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    You'll be surprised at their lasting impact.

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    Divorce Corp

    An excellent documentary on the corrupt divorce industry in the US. This film exposes the scandals in the family divorce court and how it all comes down to money. Watch as judges are paid off, attorneys paying campaign contributions to judges & parent evaluators taking bribes.


    It's worth the watch. See it on Amazon.

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    Divorce Poison

    Divorce Poison by Dr. Richard Warshak dives deep into parental alienation, explains the process, what to look for & how to provide a solid foundation against the abuse. We're found, almost across the board, our Grey Rock Members are dealing with divorce poison and it's hurting your kids. This book is the antidote. Find it on Amazon with this link.

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    High Conflict

    Education & Resources

    Anonymously educate your judge or family court professional about the realities of post-separation abuse and high-conflict custody battles. Their mission is to educate the family court system that it only takes one person to create a high-conflict divorce or child custody battle.


    Their sight is worth checking out! The Post Separation Abuse wheel will astound you. Click the link for more information

    High Conflict Education & Resources.

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    Psychopath Free

    Psychopath Free by Jackson MacKenzie is Grey Rocks premier book on Narcissistic abuse. Educate yourself on the narcissistic relationships in your life. You will be seeing yourself & your relationship on the pages. It will invoke a new level of understanding and peace as you begin to change expectations and reevaluate your relationships. It will open your eyes to new possibilities. This is a must read for anyone healing from narcissistic abuse. Get it on Amazon by clicking the link.

  • Will + Genna

    Hello! We're Will and Genna, both divorced parents who are passionate about helping people navigate post-separation abuse. With over thirty years of combined experience dealing with narcissists, we understand the challenges you face.


    From legal abuse to parental alienation, Will has a comprehensive understanding of the full spectrum of post-separation abuse, including counter-parenting, financial abuse, harassment and stalking, isolation, coercive control, abusive parenting, and parental alienation.

    With our guidance, you'll gain invaluable insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of co-parenting with a narcissist. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from seasoned experts who have walked the same path. Join us on this journey toward healing and empowerment!