What does peace feel like?

Remember what it's like to feel peace?

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When's the last time you felt peace? How about freedom or liberation? Many who've been in narcissistic relationships don't remember those feelings. Sometimes it is hard for them to even imagine having those feelings again. When you share custody with a narcissist ex, the abuse seems like it will never end. And perhaps it doesn't....

For years, I struggled with my narcissist in marriage. I did what I could to keep the peace but whatever I did was never good enough. The unempathetic, unloving narcissist will never change. Once divorced, I thought, "it's finally over." Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. When you leave a narcissist, they want to destroy you even more. When you're no longer their supply, they can't help but take out all of their rage and anger on you.

It takes a lot of counseling and therapy to get through the emotional turmoil that they've caused. Those emotions often turn into physical symptoms. For me, it was panic attacks. I had never had a panic attack in my life and I didn't really believe they were a real thing. Until I had one and felt like I was having a heart attack. My brain created a cocktail of hormone releases and adrenelin that triggered a figtht/flight reaction (i.e. panic attack) in me.

As I was lying on the floor, breathing heavily, I thought that there has to be a way out. Nearly $8,000 of therapy and counseling later, I was able to break the emotion to physical cycle that was triggered by my emotions.

What we want at Grey Rock Communications is to help you get free a lot sooner and less expensively. We know exactly how to stop the triggering, the gas-lighting, the attacks and the abuse. With a small amount of preparation on your part, we will do the rest and you will never have to hear from your ex-narcissist again without losing the ability to communicate information and scheduling for your children. We take your place in communicating with them and only ask you questions if necessary. Those question come from us in a nice, unemotional, kind email.

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