A New Messaging Record!


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Guess how many messages we received from a single narcissist directed to their ex in one day! Got a guess?

Twenty-One! Yep. Twenty-one messages from one parent to our client!

It is always interesting to see the attempts that narcissists try when they are being gray rocked by us. Many of them lose it and throw a huge tantrum. They simply can't stand the fact that their crazy-making, gaslighting, and chaos causing tactics aren't getting to their target victim.

In this case, 21 messages as an attempt to get our client to react. But guess what? Our client doesn't read the attacks. Instead, we read them, organized them, and sent pertinent questions to our client for thier response. Once our client's responses are received, we returned to the messages and answer the ones that are required by their divorce decree.

Grey Rock Communications is built on protecting OUR clients from the narcissistic abuse from their exes. We "filter the bullshit" as one client said recently. We stick to the decree and answer messages on behalf of our clients.

Text us at (208) 614-4247 or shoot us an email at info@greyrockcom.com to tell us about your nightmare narcissist.